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Spanish Beginners 1 (South Yarra)

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1.5 hours x 10 Weeks
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Spanish Beginners 1 (South Yarra)

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Spanish Beginners 1

Book: Aula Internacional-New Edition 1 Units 0, 1, 2, 3

Unidad 0- En el aula: Learn how to introduce ourselves, ask questions in class and greet


  • Greeting (Degrees of formality)
  • Ask questions about the class


  • Greetings
  • Useful phrases for the classroom

Unidad 1-Nosotros Get to know your classmates


  • Spelling
  • Give and ask personal information (name, age, occupation, place of origin, place or residency, languages, phone number, email address)
  • Ways to ask about words


  • Regular Verbs conjugations –AR, -ER, -IR
  • Irregular Verbs SER (to be), TENER (to have)
  • Reflexive verb LLAMARSE (to be called) (Pronouns me/te/se/nos/os/se)
  • Question words (qué, cómo, cuál, dónde, cuánto(s))
  • Gender in nouns


  • The alphabet
  • Occupations
  • Countries
  • Nationalities
  • Numbers 1-100


  • Politeness in the Spanish speaking world

Final task 

  • Find out information about one of your classmates and create a poster to share with the class.

 Unidad 2- Quiero aprender español Decide what you want to do in this Spanish course


  • Express intentions
  • Talk about reasons for what we do
  • Saying what you can do in different languages


  • Personal Pronouns (yo/tú/usted/él/ella/nosotros(as)/vosotros(as)/ustedes/ellos(as)
  • Regular verbs conjugations –AR, -ER, -IR
  • Verb QUERER (eÝie) (to want)
  • Preposicions con, de, por, para
  • Connectors y/también/porque
  • Definite article (the: el/la/los/las)
  • Gender and number in nouns
  • Prepositions a, de, con
  • Qualifiers bien, bastante bien, regular, mal


  • Languages
  • Leisure activities
  • Activities to learn Spanish


  • Influence of the Spanish language in other languages

Final task 

  • You will decide what you want to achieve in your Spanish studies and express it in writing

 Unidad 3-¿Dónde está Santiago? Test your knowledge of the Spanish speaking world


  • Describe places and countries
  • Say what there is in a place
  • Say where things are
  • Talk about the climate


  • Verb HABER (HAY-there is/there are)
  • Verb ESTAR (to be-location)
  • Noun/ adjective gender and number greement
  • Indefinite article (uno/unos/una/unas)
  • Quantifiers (muy, mucho/mucha/muchos/muchas)
  • Question words (qué, cuál, cuáles, cuántos, cuántas, dónde, cómo)
  • Superlative (el/la/los/las + adjective)


  • Climate
  • Geographical names


  • Countries and places of importance in the Spanish speaking world

Final task

  • Present information about a Spanish speaking country (location, population, climate, places of interest, etc)

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What you will learn
  • Have a simple conversation about personal information
  • Talk about interests and plans
  • Describe geographical locations and the weather
What you will get
  • Introduction to the Spanish language

What to bring
  • Textbook: Aula Internacional 1-New Edition
What to wear


Appropriate for

Complete beginners

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19 September 2018 • Spanish Beginners 1 (South Yarra)

Caro and I have thoroughly enjoyed our lesson with Camilla at Farolito. We will be back in the next few months for more Spanish once our trip to madrid is behind us, best wishes James


04 July 2018 • Spanish Beginners 1 (South Yarra)

I thoroughly enjoyed my classes and could not recommend them higher :) There is not another Spanish school in Melbourne that I would even consider knowing that Farolito is here! - Jake Besaw 23 Years Old Paralegal jakebesaw@gmail.com


04 June 2018 • Spanish Beginners 1 (South Yarra)

I really enjoyed this course. We had a great group and Camila is a fantastic teacher. She’s really engaging and makes the class fun and easy to follow. Best language course I’ve done!

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